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Fed is Best: Breast Milk vs Formula 

Fed is Best: Breast Milk vs Formula 

So often, a new mom hears the saying ‘breast is best’ again and again and again.  And yes, breast milk is amazing.  For instance, the nutritional composition of breast milk changes week to week, and even through the course of a day to reflect the needs of your baby.  Amazing stuff.  However, not every mom can or even chooses to breastfeed.  And that is okay.  Your journey with your baby is uniquely your own.  At Get Leche, we value healthy babies, and want to offer you and your little one the best options for formula on the market.  

There are many reasons a mom chooses to formula feed their child.  Let’s face it, breastfeeding is HARD!  Sometimes the supply simply isn’t there, sometimes formula is great as a supplement.  Other times it can be used to allow other family members time to bond with your little one(s).  This way, mama can get some more rest, herself.  Surrogate parents choose our milk as a healthy way to feed their little ones.  Whatever your reason for choosing formula as an option, we support you, and are here for you.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please use our messaging chat with us on our website.  We are a mom and pop business who support Moms.  And Pops. And Grandparents. And anyone who truly wants the best for the babies in their care.  We believe that fed babies are healthy babies, and our European baby formulas offer the highest quality, highest European organic certified formulas that can be found.  We’re proud to be able to offer this to parents who want to feed their little one great formula.  We’re in this with you.  We love babies, and we love our job!  Get the good stuff, Get Leche

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