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Baltic Amber

Do you guarantee that your amber is 100% genuine?

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We include certificates of authenticity certifying that the item is made from natural Baltic amber and comply with all quality standards.

Where can I check the validity of a certificates of authenticity?

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Check to see if a Certificate of Authenticity is valid at the online database of Gemological Institute of Baltic amber Evaluation Laboratory: AmberLab.lt 

Shipping + Returns

Shipping Information

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Please note that delivery dates are provided by the courier, which can be subject to change. Please allow extra time if ordering during the busy holiday season to account for larger demands on carriers.

Shipping is done via USPS. Notice of Shipment emails with tracking number are sent once your order is processed. Allow up to 24 hours for USPS to update the tracking number in their system.

Where do you ship?

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We currently ship everywhere in the US and Canada.

Why can't I find my package if the carrier says it's delivered?

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We're sorry to hear you haven't received your package. Please check with other members of your household, your building management, or your neighbors to see if they've placed the package elsewhere. If you are still unable to locate the package and it's been more than 24 hours after the carrier marked as delivered, please contact your shipping carrier to file a claim on the package as lost, missing, or stolen. After shipment, the carrier assumes responsibility for the package. Leche is not responsible for packages that were missing or stolen after the shipping carrier tracking confirms it was delivered.

What is your return policy?

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To protect the integrity of the products in our warehouse, we do not accept returns.  Products that have left our warehouse cannot be accepted back, as this may  compromise the quality of our stock and possibly lead to distribution of counterfeit  products. This ensures that all products in our stock are authentic and of the highest possible quality.

What happens if my jewelry breaks?

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Oh no! Let’s make something new! Because our jewelry is designed to snap under pressure (for the safety of you and your little ones) and because it is made by hand with delicate amber beads, we encourage you to be extra careful when wearing our natural, healing jewelry.

These amber beads, carefully curated for each member of your family, can be treasured for a lifetime. If you find that the clasp has cracked due to over tightening or from too much pressure being applied to the jewelry itself (which will cause the safety mechanism to be triggered) we wish to remind you that the amber beads are still able to be reused, and should be made into something new and wonderful! You can string the beads onto any type of beading cord that you would like, from stretchy to plain cotton, remaking it into something you can wear again. These amber beads truly are elegant, unique and beautiful things.

We thank you for your understanding, and hope that when the time comes, you find joy in making something new with your amber beads.

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